Rottweil Exact Magnum 12/76

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Shot size    0 mm
Shot number    0
Calibre    12/76
Brass head height    20 mm
Intermediate material    Plastic wad
Mouth velocity    480 m/s
Load weight    32 g
Content single packaging    5
Compatible with calibre    12/76

The magnum versions of the Rottweil EXACT deliver more energy at the target. Thus, the high stopping effect for wild boar is further increased.
Furthermore, the higher velocity of the magnum loads makes it possible to reduce the lead factor, which can influence the point of impact positively in particular with 
drive hunts.

Rottweil Exact Magnum at a glance:

·         magnum version of Rottweil Exact with more energy

·         high stopping effect

·         higher velocity of the magnum loads

·         drive hunting

·         calibre 12/76 Magnum, 12/70 Magnum and 20/76 Magnum

·         The aerodynamic shape of the bullet point with its spiral-shaped grooves improves the flight characteristics and the precision

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